What our customers say...

“having our existing water treatment plant refurbished and upgraded has meant that we can enjoy the benefits of reliable plant, peace of mind and optimal performance knowing our plant

“Envirogen  were able to design and install technology to meet Herefordshire Ciders complete requirements, meaning we had one company to deal with, resulting in simple &

Engineering Manager says:  “….Envirogens expertise and knowledge enabled them to see how modifications to an existing system could bring major benefits. Envirogen project managed the whole

"Envirogen pulled out all the stops to order and  install it within our two week annual shut down.” Colin Walton, Senior Engineer,

Derwent Water Systems

The total water solution provider

Derwent Water Systems are a leading provider of industrial filtration, water and wastewater treatment solutions providing an end to end solution; from treating mains water supply, through applications that include process water, product make up, clean in place, boiler feed, recycle, reuse and effluent discharge options. With a recent award for green technologies, we work with clients to help meet sustainable and environmental goals.

With project management capabilities, Derwent Water Systems are able to design, install and commission plant, giving clients a designated team for each project. To give addition peace of mind, Derwent offer a range of 24/7 service and maintenance agreements looked after by a national in-house team of engineers.

Derwent supply a range of water treatment plants depending on your requirements, they include Ion exchange, filtration and RO systems and are tailored to meet your specification.
The PureCare range has four service levels that ensure that filtration and water treatment systems are operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Derwent supply a range of consumables including filter media, ion exchange resins and cartridge filters and housings
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