Derwent Water launches the EcoPure Range of intelligent short cycle, high purity deioniser systems

Derwent Water are pleased to announce the launch of their new state of the art counter current, short cycle, deionisation system offering reliable, economical and energy efficient operation.

Producing up to 10MOhm (EcoPure C model) deionised water the system can be used in a range of markets and applications including surface finishing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, boiler feed and other general purified water applications.

The Eco-pure employs an intelligent monitoring system which continually evaluates the incoming feed water and if required, adjusts its internal capacity to respond to any fluctuations in quality. This ensures that it optimises the production of high purity demineralised water, thus reducing unnecessary regenerations, chemical usage and effluent production.

The EcoPure includes a fully integrated control system with a user friendly touch screen colour HMI with full graphical display. As well as intelligent monitoring of the incoming feed water the EcoPure is also programmed to carry out the following process checks:

  • Chemical draw verification: If the correct acid or caustic draw rate is not achieved the regeneration will be halted and an alarm generated to prevent incorrect regeneration and out of specification pH effluent generation.
  • Pump pressure sensor to prevent over pressurisation of the system.

The EcoPure also has a single bed regeneration option which can be supervisor initiated to facilitate commissioning and breakdown situations.

The EcoPure is also able to data log the incoming and outgoing process data which can be readily exported to an external monitoring system. This gives an undisputable record of prior system performance and allows identification of any spikes or unwanted fluctuations in system operational conditions which are often difficult to identify and resolve.

The EcoPure’s improved energy efficiency helps reduce its running costs by up to 30% due to the use of a variable frequency drive motor which also reduces systems operating pressure, and is quieter in its operation.
Advantages from the EcoPure:

  • Up to 30% savings in overall energy costs
  • Produces up to 10MOhm water (EcoPure C model)
  • Skid mounted, easy to install unit
  • Fully integrated control system, with customisable HMI display and access levels
  • Data trending facility maximising performance
  • External control of water storage tanks (feed, regen and treated). No additional control systems are required.

David Hayes, Sales Director says “Following indepth research of customer and market needs, we have consequently, developed, tested and bought to market a state of the art counter current deioniser, that will meet not only water quality and budgetary requirements for the end user. It’s an exciting and innovative development and we have already received a number of enquiries for it”

Derwent Water Systems