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Siata valves

For Water Softeners, Water Filters, Demineralisers and Dealkalisation units.

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132 Range

230 Range

250 Range

350/351 Range

360 Range

363 Range

Service / Spares Kits

The SIATA 132, 230, 240 and 360 valves are the essential elements in building the following systems:

  • Simplex, duplex or multi-softening, demineralisation, filtering and dealkalisation systems for industrial use and all other uses requiring water with characteristics of guaranteed quality.

The SIATA hydraulic double-piston multi-port valves are manufactured from glass-reinforced ABS with polypropylene internal pistons, giving the valves extended long life, excellent durability and chemical resistance.

Matched with specific dedicated timers and specific electronic controllers, they can operate water treatment plant in time, volume and microprocessor control modes.

Valves can be "top-mount" which screw into a single entry at the top of the shell. The input and output ports are concentric, and this feature limits the flow rate on top-mounted units.

"Side-mount" valves are incorporated into a separate manifold leading to separate inlet and outlet branches on the softener shells, thus allowing for greater flow capacity.

The SIATA valves provide service flows of up to 50 m3/hr and, configured in a duplex or triplex unit, flows well in excess of this can be provided.

The standard valves are models SIATA 132, SIATA 230, SIATA 240, SIATA 250, SIATA 260, SIATA 360 and SIATA 363 valves


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